lavista ain sokhna

Is characterized by La Vista Ain Sokhna Village With its soft, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and stunning natural scenery, which makes it the best and ideal choice for an unparalleled summer vacation experience with family and friends.

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was able to launch...  washerman Ain Sokhna Providing the true meaning of luxury and enjoyment, in addition to providing residential units of various sizes that suit the various desires and needs of customers.

About La Vista Ain Sokhna Village

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was keen when Vista Ain Sokhna It is considered one of the best tourist destinations for providing all aspects of comfort and bliss, as it provides all services characterized by luxury and elegance with a beautiful and charming view of the Red Sea beach, and it includes many luxurious and diverse residential units.


Location of La Vista Ain Sokhna Village

Enjoy La Vista Ain Sokhna Village It has a lively and attractive location in the Ain Sokhna area, as it is located specifically in front of the Galala Road exit, in addition to its proximity to all the main and vital areas and roads, and the village is close to the following areas:

  • Cairo: The distance between the village and Cairo is estimated at about 152 kilometers.
  • Saffron: The distance between the village of La Vista and Zaafarana is approximately 24 kilometers.
  • Suez City: The village is located 95 kilometers from the city of Suez.
  • Tourist villages: The village is located near several tourist villages.
  • Laguna Bay: The village is located near Laguna Bay Village.
  • City of Galala: There is a village of La Vista near the city of Galala.
  • Ain Sokhna Gates: The village is located 15 kilometers from the gates of Ain Sokhna.

Area of ​​La Vista Ain Sokhna Village

has been created Vista Village With a direct, charming view of the Red Sea beach, on a huge area, which La Vista Real Estate Development Company was keen to carefully divide it into residential units on the one hand, and basic and recreational facilities and services on the other hand, and this area is represented in the following:

  • The total area: Total Vista is around 180 acre.
  • Building area: The company owning the project has allocated a percentage of 20% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings.
  • Green spaces and landscapeThe area allocated to gardens and green spaces is estimated at 80% of the total area surrounding the village.

The village features a vista Ain Sokhna

The company is keen on La Vista Real Estate Development It always chooses the locations of its projects in the best vital areas, which makes them close to all facilities, services, roads, and main axes. The company provides a variety of basic and recreational services, meeting all customers’ needs, which is what makes the village distinct from other neighboring villages. The advantages of the village are: Below:

  • Restaurants and cafes: Within the village, there are restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks prepared by the best and most skilled chefs with a high degree of efficiency.
  • Kids Aria: Inside La Vista, there is a special area for children’s games and it is surrounded by gardens and parks to enjoy their time and happiness, develop their creative skills, and maintain their safety at the same time.
  • swimming pool: La Vista Company has provided swimming pools of various shapes and sizes within the village suitable for both children and adults, in addition to having special swimming pools for women to provide them with more privacy.
  • Car garage: Inside the village, there is a large parking garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion in front of the units, and to protect customers from pollution resulting from car exhausts.
  • Security services: La Vista Real Estate Development Company, which owns the project, was keen to provide a security system around the clock through a guard crew, and distributed surveillance cameras throughout the project to maintain the security and safety of customers.
  • Commercial area: The company developing the village was keen to have a large commercial area that includes many shops with all international brands, which ensures shopping pleasure for all customers.
  • Spa: The owner company was keen to provide a health resort within the village that includes a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi that provides various services for those who love tranquility, relaxation, and skin care.
  • Various services: Available inside washerman ain sokhna Various services, such as cleaning service throughout the day for all units and places in the resort, periodic maintenance service for all units, and periodic sterilization service within the resort to provide a healthy, disease-free atmosphere.
  • Mosques: The company developing the project took care to provide a number of mosques within the village to provide residents with a quiet and spiritual atmosphere in which to perform prayers and religious rituals.
  • Pharmacies: Within the village, there are pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day to provide the necessary medical supplies and medications to all residents.

La Vista Village Problems

The La Vista project is distinguished by many advantages, but some believe that the distance of the location from the center of the main areas is the only drawback, but it has not become a drawback with the modern highway network.

Unit details in  washerman ain sokhna

There are a variety of residential compounds and tourist resorts surrounding La Vista Ain However, it has unique characteristics that make it distinct from others in terms of entertainment, entertainment, various water games, and sports activities, in addition to being a project with integrated basic and recreational services and services that allow all its customers to live a life of luxury and well-being.

The village includes a large number of units, 80% of which are independent villas, and 20% of which are... Chalets for sale in Ain Sokhna La Vista، It features a charming panoramic view of the Red Sea shore with its turquoise waters.

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 Types of units in Villagela Vista Ain Sokhna 

The importance of the Ain Sokhna area increases with the passage of time due to its proximity to the Administrative Capital and all vital areas, in addition to the wonderful weather there throughout the year. Therefore, La Vista Real Estate Development Company was keen to introduce La Vista Village there, which is considered an integrated tourist complex where there are Chalets for sale in La Vista Ain Sokhna With competitive prices that cannot be compared to others, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone who wants to spend happy times with family and friends. The types of units in the village are as follows:

  •  Chalets for sale in La Vista, Ain Sokhna.
  • Independent villas.

Unit area washerman ain sokhna

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide many units within La Vista Village with different and varied sizes that suit both small and large families and enable customers to spend ideal times and feel comfortable and luxurious. The area of ​​the units in the project is as follows:

Chalet spaces: start spaceChalets for sale in La Vista Sokhna from120 Square meters.

Areas of independent villasThe area of ​​independent villas starts from 180 Square meters.

Modular design invillagela vista Ain Sokhna

The units came washerman ain sokhnaOn a gradual terrace system, which allowed all units to enjoy the charming view of the Red Sea, its turquoise waters, and the picturesque nature surrounding the units. The design of the units in the village is as follows:

  • Unique La Vista Ain Sokhna chalets for sale With a direct view of the Crystal Lagoons and the wide green spaces.
  • La Vista Ain Sokhna Village was implemented at a depth of 1,800 square meters, and distributed in a balanced manner between chalets, green spaces, and artificial lakes.
  • The units in the village are delivered with super-luxe finishing.

La Vista Ain Sokhna Village prices

Features unit prices La Vista Sokhna for sale varies and is within the reach of most customers, as La Vista Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide these prices so that all customers can purchase the unit they desire, and each unit within the village has its own price according to the type of unit and the view, and the prices of units in the village are as follows:



start La Vista Sokhna chalet prices from3.500.000 fairy

Independent villas

Prices for standalone villas start from8.400.000 fairy


Payment systems and payment methods washerman ain sokhna

La Vista Real Estate Development Company has provided easy and flexible payment systems that suit a large category of customers, to make it easier for them to obtain the residential unit they dream of. The payment systems are as follows:

  • to push 25% Of the total unit price, then pay the remaining amount in installments for 5 Years without interest.
  • to push 20% Of the total unit price, then pay the remaining amount in installments for 7 Years.

Owner company washerman ain sokhna

PrepareLa Vista Investment and Real Estate Development Company It is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market. It has a good reputation among customers and always seeks to provide residential complexes with integrated amenities and services, at competitive prices, to allow its customers to purchase any unit they dream of.

Previous work of the real estate developer of the La Vista Ain Sokhna project

La Vista Real Estate Development Company has made every effort to be a distinctive mark in the minds of its customers and has sought to combine modern designs and luxury in all its units in order to suit all of its customers from the elite of society. The company’s precedent is represented in the following:

  • La Vista Bay Asset North Coast Village.
  • La Vista Ras El Hekma Resort, North Coast.
  • La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna Village.
  • El Patio Project 6 October.
  • La Vista 1 Sokhna Village
  • La Vista Village 6, Ain Sokhna
  • La Vista Village 5, Ain Sokhna
  • El Patio Oro project, New Cairo.
  • El Patio Zayed Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  • El Patio Casa El Shorouk Compound.
  • El Patio Zahraa Compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • La Vista Topaz Resort Ain Sokhna.
  • La Vista City Compound, Administrative Capital.

PrepareLa Vista Ain Sokhna VillageIt is one of the most important projects of La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which is keen to provide everything that is contemporary and modern in terms of architectural designs or basic and entertainment services in an upscale community that enjoys a culture of luxury, at moderate prices that suit different classes.


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