Yellow Lane Mall New Cairo

Yellow Lane Mall New Cairo It is a huge commercial center that was implemented in New Cairo, which includes many upscale neighborhoods. It is considered an integrated project in terms of its services or facilities, which makes the investor feel a great deal of security and confidence.

Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company divided the units within Yellow Lane New Cairo mall Between administrative units, commercial units, and medical clinics to suit various projects and suit all tastes.

About Yellow Lane Mall New Cairo

It containsYellow Lane MallIt contains various units containing all commercial, administrative and medical activities that were designed in the latest style and provided with many unique services and features, in addition to its vital location, which represents great importance to many investors and businessmen.

مول يلو لين القاهرة الجديدة

Yellow Lane Mall location

Geographical location is the most important thing that distinguishes any commercial project, so Mercon Real Estate Company was keen to choose one of the finest and most important vital locations in New Cairo to establishYellow Lane New Cairo mall This provides customers with all means of comfort and luxury, and the mall is close to many important areas and main roads, including:

  • Rehab City:The mall is located near Al Rehab City.

  • Gate 20 Family Park: The mall is located in front of Gate 20 Family Park.

  • New Administrative Capital: The mall is located 15 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.

  • American University: The mall is located near the American University.

  • Cairo International Airport: The mall is located a very short distance from Cairo International Airport.

  • Cairo Festival: Yellow Lane Mall is located near Cairo Festival Mall.

  • Alexandria Desert Road: The mall is located minutes away from Alexandria Desert Road.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Area of ​​Yellow Lane Mall, New Cairo

Urban Lanes Real Estate Company was able to offer...Yellow Lane Mall On a large area، To provide a commercial building with integrated facilities and services, and it has been divided in a wonderful engineering manner, enabling the customer to benefit from all the services available in the mall. The mall’s area is as follows:

  • The total area: The total area ofYellow Lane 24 Mall  acres.

  • Building area: The owning company allocated a percentage70% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and commercial units.

  • Green spaces and landscapeThe area allocated to gardens, green spaces, and artificial lakes is estimated at30 %Of the total area surrounding the mall.

Features of Yellow Lane Mall New Cairo

Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide all services and that these services be of high quality, in addition to entertainment services. Thus, the company provides all its customers with all their needs and desires within...Yellow Lane New Cairo mall ، The mall's features are as follows:

  • Green spacesAll units inside the mall overlook green spaces, in addition to a group of fountains in the middle of the mall, which gives the mall a special charm and beauty.

  • Finishing unitsInside Yellow Lane Mall, the customer can receive his administrative or commercial unit fully finished or semi-finished according to his personal desire.

  • Security system There is a 24-hour security system inside the mall, by providing every place in the mall with modern surveillance cameras to monitor everything that goes on inside it.

  • Electric liftsWithin the mall, there are a number of electric elevators to facilitate the process of moving from one building to another for customers, in addition to carrying out regular maintenance on them to maintain customer safety.

  • Electric generatorsThe company developing the project was keen to provide additional generators inside the mall that would operate automatically in the event of a power outage.

  • Air conditionersInside the mall, there are central air conditioners that work to make the temperature appropriate inside the mall, in addition to modern lighting systems to provide customers with a great deal of luxury and comfort.

  • alarmsThe mall has alarms that work automatically in the event of fires or any emergency situations in order to maintain the safety of customers.

  • Basic servicesAll basic services necessary for customers are available within the mall, including water, sewage, and electricity networks.

  • Maintenance services: The developer was keen to provide regular maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day within all units of the mall.

  • Internet servicesUrban Lanez Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide fast internet services inside the mall with the aim of facilitating and facilitating work for employees, especially in light of the reliance of many businesses on the internet.

Unit details in Yellow Lane New Cairo مول

Collecting Yellow Lane Mall New CairoAmong many administrative, commercial, and medical units with different designs that were able to satisfy most tastes and meet all customer needs, in addition to the great diversity of unit areas, all of which share a direct view of 90th Street, which contributed to attracting many customers to it. .

Types of units in Yellow Lane Mall

Units suppliedYellow Lane New Cairo mall By all modern means and devices; In order to provide all customers with all the comfort they dream of, the units within the mall are as follows:

  • Administrative units.

  • Commercial units.

  • Medical Clinics.

Unit area inYellow Lane New Cairo مول

Urban Lanez Real Estate Development Company was interested in dividing the units withinYellow Lane MallFor Various sizes are compatible with different commercial activities, whether small or large, which makes it distinct from other projects. The unit areas within the mall are as follows:

  • Areas of administrative units: The area of ​​administrative units starts from34 Square meters.

  • Commercial unit areas: The area of ​​commercial units starts from55 Square meters.

  • Medical clinic spaces: Medical clinic space starts from55 Square meters.

Modular design inYellow Lane New Cairo مول

Urban Lens Company was keen to designYellow Lane MallSo that the administrative and commercial stores and medical clinics are close to the services and benefits that are provided throughout the mall, and the design of the units in the mall is as follows:

  • The unit designs are modern and eye-catching with the mall's latest and finest interior finishes.

  • All facilities inside the mall are not limited to basic needs only thanks to fourth generation technologies that contribute to improving the working environment for employees.

  • All units inside the mall have a charming view of a vast green space.

  • The mall is designed in a picturesque, modern style for all those looking forClinics for sale in Yellow Lane Mall, New Cairo.

Yellow Lane Mall prices

She came PricesYellow Lane Mall Attractive, as Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company was able to close the doors of competition to its competitors, as the company is distinguished by its competitive prices compared to the services it provides to its customers. The unit prices in the mall are as follows:


Administrative units

BeginsThe price per square meter in Yellow Lane Mall, New Cairo from1.170.000 fairy

Commercial units

Commercial unit prices start from98.000 fairy

Medical clinics

BeginsThe price of a medical meter in a mallYellow Lane New Cairo from98.000 fairy


Payment system and payment methods at Yellow Lane Mall

Urban Lanez Real Estate Development Company has introduced an easy and flexible payment system that suits all customers. The company has made every effort to facilitate the process of completing payment for the unit price for its customers, in order to give its customers the freedom to choose the units they desire. The payment system is as follows:

  • to push5% An advance payment from the total unit price, then the rest is paid in installments8 Years.

The company that owns Yellow Lane Mall

PrepareUrban Lanes Real Estate Company It is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and has wide fame and great trust among customers. The company cooperates with the most qualified engineers to work with it, which has contributed to presenting projects worthy of its stature and great history.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Yellow Lane Mall

Beyond experiencea companyOrban Lens Real estate For 36 years, the company has launched many projects and its activity has expanded to various places such as the Fifth Settlement, the New Administrative Capital, Mokattam, and the State of Kuwait. The company’s previous work is represented in the following:

  • East Lane Mall, Fifth Settlement.

  • Levels Business Tower, New Administrative Capital.

  • Designing many activities in Maadi, Mokattam, Company and Sheraton

  • Building a number of governmental and economic institutions in Kuwait, such as the Ministry of Finance and the American University.

  • Grand Park Tower.

  • Yellow Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

UniqueYellow Lane Mall New Cairo It has many advantages that make it one of the most important investment areas that must be benefited from. This is due to its vital and strategic location in the middle of the most lively areas in New Cairo, which gives its customers the possibility of being close to all the important areas, in addition to its dazzling designs and ideal prices that suit all capabilities.

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