West Woods Compound 6 October

West woods Compound 6 October A unique residential building with many features and services that the company developing it was keen to provide, and it was built according to the latest architectural styles, in a strategic location in 6th of October City.

As promisedWest woods compound A residential complex with integrated facilitiesAnd services, it includes a number of diverse residential units that are unique with large green spaces and privacy for residents at competitive prices.

كمبوند ويست وودز 6 أكتوبر


About Westwoods 6 October Compound

Westwoods Compound 6 OctoberIt provides all its customers with a place that ensures they can spend an enjoyable time in an environmentally friendly environment, away from the routine, boredom, and pressures of daily life. The picturesque nature, artificial lakes, green spaces, and the ingenious design of the compound will take you to another world.

And longerWest woods compound One of the finest residential projects with huge spaces, which contributes to providing all the basic and recreational needs of customers, to obtain sufficient comfort and relaxation.

Location of Westwoods Compound, 6 October

   Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was able to choose a vital and strategic location forWest woods compoundIt is located in 6th of October City, near the most important vital areas, hubs, and main roads, which help the customer reach any place he wants in record time. The compound is close to the following areas:

  • Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia:The compound is located near Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
  • Media Production City: A very short distance separates the compound from the Media Production City.
  • Several important ways: The compound is close to the Central Road, the Oasis Road, and the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The New Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza: From the compound, you can reach the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza in a short time.
  • Several universities: Westwoods Compound is close to several universities, including Zewail University, Nile University, and October University.
  • Shooting Range and Juhayna Square: The compound is located minutes away from Remaya Square and Juhayna Square.
  • July 26 axis: The compound is located near the 26th of July axis.
  • Sheikh Zayed Gates: The compound is located 12 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Gates.
  • Zamalek Club: The compound is located 3 minutes from Zamalek Club.
  • Fifth Settlement: The compound is located 35 minutes from Fifth Settlement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Area of ​​Westwoods 6 October Compound

Space has been usedWest woods compound Beautifully and smartly designed to include all facilities and services within it, in addition to using the best international designs, the buildings are in a circular shape that provides residents with complete privacy and more comfort and stability. The area of ​​the compound is as follows:

  •  The total area: The total area ofWestwoodsaround50 Approximately an acre.
  • Building area: The owner company has allocated space17% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscapeThe area allocated to gardens and green spaces exceeds the percentage of83% of the total area of ​​the compound, which allowed the provision of many entertainment services.

Features of Westwoods 6 October Compound

For the completeness of life inWest woods compound Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide all services and benefits that give residents all means of comfort and relaxation, in addition to providing a range of diverse activities that suit adults and children. The project’s advantages are as follows:

  • Vast green patch: A large percentage of the total land area within the compound is green space with its stunning views that reflect a feeling of tranquility and comfort.
  • Air conditioning and shower:Life Lovers Company provided central air conditioning and showers in all units of the compound. In order to ensure that all its customers live in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • Internet: The company that owns the project has provided a high-speed Internet network in all units so that all customers can complete their tasks as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Solar panels:Within the Westwoods Compound there is a group of solar panels that convert clean solar energy into electricity in order to preserve the environment and rationalize energy, making the compound environmentally friendly.
  • Intercom: Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide an intercom inside the compound to facilitate the process of communicating with security personnel for clients.
  • Breaks:Many rest rooms have been provided in the gardens within the compound so that customers can enjoy practicing their favorite hobbies, such as yoga, reading, and drawing.
  • KidsAriaThe compound provides a designated area for children that contains a variety of amusement parks and games for their entertainment and enjoyment, in addition to allocating a parking area for mothers and fathers.
  • GymsThe compound provides gyms equipped with the best and latest sports equipment and an elite group of sports trainers to maintain residents’ health and fitness.
  • swimming poolThe compound provides swimming pools of different types and sizes to suit adults and children, in addition to providing covered pools for women to give them more privacy and safety.
  • Various services: Various services are available within the compound, such as cleaning service throughout the day for all units and places in the resort, along with waste disposal in a healthy manner.
  • Banks: The company that owns the project was keen to provide a sufficient number of banks within the compound to facilitate all banking transactions for customers, while ensuring that their time was not wasted.
  • Security system: For greater safety and reassurance, the compound was provided with 24-hour security and guarding services, as well as a surveillance camera system distributed throughout the compound.
  • Mosque:Life Lovers was keen to establish a large mosque within the Westwoods Compound in an Islamic style to include the largest number of worshipers, in an atmosphere conducive to performing religious rituals.
  • alarms: To maintain the safety of residents inside the compound and to protect against the dangers of fire and avoid loss of life and property, the owner company was keen to install modern alarms and fire extinguishers inside all units.
  • Medical centers: There are many medical centers spread throughout the compound, which are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment and provide health care to residents at the highest level, in addition to providing ambulances equipped for emergency cases.


Details of the units in Westwoods Compound

Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was keen to allocate a spaceWestwoods Compound 6 OctoberSuitably spacious for high-end luxury units, the green spaces and artificial lakes were distributed with great care and balance, which provides residents with complete privacy and a life full of luxury and relaxation, as well as varying prices that suit all categories.

Types of units in West woods compound

IncludesWest woods compound Various residential units inspired by the beauty of nature, with stunning modern designs and decorations that suit all tastes, in addition to the units overlooking vast green spaces and wonderful artificial lakes, which reflects the residents’ sense of calm and tranquility. The units within the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.


Unit area inWestwoods Compound

Residential units came inWestwoods Compound 6 October Diversified in terms of space to suit the different desires of customers, in addition to the attractive and wonderful diversity of designs, and the developing company’s keenness to offer units at competitive prices in relation to the services available in the compound. The areas of units in the project are as follows:

  • Apartment spaces:Apartments' area starts from96 Square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces:The townhouse area starts from210 Square meters.
  • Twin house spaces:The twin house space starts from240 Square meters.
  • Independent villa areas:The area of ​​independent villas starts from267 Square meters.


Modular design in West woods compound

Unique design Westwoods Compound 6 OctoberWith unprecedented excellence in interior and exterior designs, this is due to Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company’s use of the best engineering companies and consultants to create touches characterized by sophistication and luxury worthy of people with good taste from the elite of society. The design of the units is as follows:

  • All the corridors and streets in the compound are wide and well paved, for the comfort of residents.
  • All units came with a charming view of a vast green area and artificial lakes, which added a special aesthetic character to the compound.

Prices of Westwoods Compound

Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was keen to offer residential units of large and small sizes at varying prices to suit all classes, and its first goal was to provide a life full of luxury and distinction for all its customers. The prices of the units in the compound are as follows:



Apartment prices start from30.000 fairy


Townhouse prices start from8.500.000 fairy

Twin house

Twin house prices start from11.900.000 fairy

Independent villas

Villa prices start from17.000.000 fairy


Payment system and payment methods inWest woods compound

Company made available Life Lovers Real Estate DevelopmentAn easy and flexible payment system for Westwoods Compound, so that it is easy for all customers to purchase and reserve units within the compound, which is a golden opportunity where you can own the most luxurious residential units at the best prices, and this system is represented in the following:

  • to push10% An advance payment of the unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments10 Years.

The company that owns Westwoods Compound

Although Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company was established a short time ago, it has been able to occupy a prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market, and is concerned with putting the customer first, and has been able to leave a distinctive mark on Egyptian society by focusing on obtaining a standard of living. Upscale and suitable for all categories of customers.


Previous work of the real estate developer of the Westwoods 6 October project

Seeking Life Lovers Company For real estate development To meet the needs of customers and achieve them through the use of the finest raw materials and building materials, it has presented projects that have gained the trust of customers, and the company’s previous work is represented in the following:

  • Westwoods Compound 6 October.

PrepareWestwoods Compound 6 October It is one of the latest residential projects by Life Lovers Real Estate Development Company. It has an exceptional location in the heart of 6th of October City, and is close to several vital areas. The residential units vary in size and price, which has led to an increasing demand by customers to reserve units.

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