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 Kai Village Ain Sokhna Integrated tourism projects located in the Ain Sokhna area on the Red Sea coast, which were able to achieve distinction and uniqueness thanks to their vital location and dazzling designs.

If you want to have perfect times and make memories, you have to make a choiceWhere to drink Egypt Italy, which is being offered by the company Misr Italia, in one of the most prestigious areas in Ain Sokhna, in addition to containing various basic and entertainment services, which makes it an exceptional tourism project compared to other projects.

About Kai Village

PrepareKai Village, Ain Sokhna Manarat Al-Qari Tourist Center is due to its lively and distinguished location dominated by the charming nature and its modern designs that are in line with modern developments and compete on a global level, in addition to its countless diverse services, which achieve complete luxury for customers and ensure the provision of the utmost comfort for them.

قرية كاي العين السخنة


Kai Village website

Misr Italia Company chose a distinctive location for Kai Village in the heart of the Ain Sokhna area, close to many areas, axes and main roads, which makes accessing it from Cairo easy and within a short period. Among the most important areas near the village are the following:

  • Zaafarana Road: The distance between the village and Al-Zafarana Road is estimated at 20 kilometers.
  • New Administrative Capital: The distance between Kay Village and the New Administrative Capital is approximately 160 kilometers.
  • Great Cairo:The village is located 120 minutes from Greater Cairo.
  • Suez City: The village is about 112 kilometers away from the city of Suez.
  • Majesty Road: The distance between the village and Galala Road is approximately 3 km.
  • Hurghada:The village is located 120 minutes from Hurghada.
  • Maadi: The village is located 90 minutes from Maadi.
  • Heliopolis: The village is located 95 minutes from Heliopolis.
  • Cairo:The distance between the village and Cairo is estimated at about 180 kilometers.
  • Ain Sokhna Road: The distance between the village and Ain Sokhna Road is estimated at about 20 kilometers.

Area of ​​Kai village, Ain Sokhna

Misr Italia Company was keen to launch...Where to drink Egypt ItalyOn a large area, it was optimally exploited, and the largest part of it was allocated to the green area, water bodies, and integrated basic and recreational facilities. The remaining area was occupied by construction buildings, and the area of ​​the village is represented as follows:

  • The total area: The total area ofKai village around160 acre.
  • Building area: An area of12% For buildings and residential units out of the total area of ​​the village.
  • Green spaces and landscape: The Real Estate Company Misr Italy allocated a percentage88% Of the total area of ​​green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and various service and entertainment facilities.

Features of Kai Village

IncludesKai Village, Ain Sokhna Many advantages with diverse and integrated services, which makes it a distinctive and unique tourist destination for everyone who wants to spend a happy vacation to get rid of the pressures of work in the most prestigious areas of Ain Sokhna. The advantages of the village are as follows:

  • Wide green spacesGreen spaces and landscapes occupy a large area of ​​Kai Village, in order to provide suitable and comfortable places for customers to stroll, entertain, and obtain comfort and enjoyment.
  • Hilton Kay Sokhna HotelMisr Italia Company was keen to establish a five-star Hilton Kay hotel within the village, which includes 3 restaurants, 3 bars, 5 large rooms for holding meetings, a banquet hall, a health club, and all the services it provides are at the highest level.
  • Shopping mallInside the resort there is a huge mall containing international brands of clothing, cosmetics and basic supplies for customers so they can spend an enjoyable time shopping.
  • Security systemThe village provides a 24-hour security system through an integrated guard crew, surveillance cameras that record anything that happens inside the village, and electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the village.
  • swimming poolMisr Italia Company was keen to provide swimming pools of various shapes and sizes to suit both children and adults, and covered swimming pools for women only to provide them with the necessary privacy.
  • Various servicesVarious services are available within the Kai Resort, such as cleaning service throughout the day for all units and places in the resort, in addition to providing fast internet services and various commercial services at ideal prices.
  • Marina and Marsa Yachts: The real estate company Misr Italia was keen to provide a marina and a yacht marina in the village of Kai, which was designated for fishing lovers.
  • Relaxation areas: The company that owns the project was keen to provide designated areas for relaxation in Boho Village so that customers can sit there and practice yoga to relieve tension and pressure and obtain the relaxation they need.

Unit details in  Where to drink Egypt Italy

A company establishedEgypt Italy By implementingWhere to drink Egypt Italy In cooperation with the most skilled engineers in a modern, modern style, it was keen to design the village in a way that suits its clients from the elite of society. All hotel residential units enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Red Sea, in addition to the charming nature and picturesque landscapes surrounding the village from all directions.

Types of units in Kai Village, Ain Sokhna 

Misr Italy Company forKay ResortTo provide various units with different sizes that are compatible with different segments of society, and thus any space that comes to the customer’s mind will be found in Kai, which was designed in a modern and integrated manner to provide all the needs of customers. The units in the resort are as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Villas.

Unit area inWhere to drink Egypt Italy

Misr Italia Real Estate Company was keen to provide many units in Kai Village of different sizes with a unique character, in addition to the basic and entertainment services that are available in the village, so that customers can spend ideal times and feel comfortable and luxurious. The area of ​​​​the units in the village is as follows:

  • Chalet spaces: startChalets for sale in Kai Ain Sokhna from134 Square meters.
  • Villa areas: Villa areas start from270 Square meters.


Modular design inKai Village, Ain Sokhna

She came Kai Village, Ain Sokhna With dazzling and luxurious designs for lovers of sophistication and luxury, it is the ideal choice for everyone looking for comfort and relaxation in a place that combines the beauty of nature and luxurious entertainment. La Sirena Company, the real estate developer of the village, paid attention to the quality of finishing using the finest materials in the designs in order to meet the desires of customers, and the design of the units in the village is Below:

  • Misr Italia Company has launched 8 different models of chalets in Kay Village in terms of area and interior design.
  • There are Crystal Lagoons inside the village, extending over a wide area and permeating all parts of the village in a balanced manner.
  • Kai Village extends on a 1,000-meter sandy beach.
  • All units in the village are delivered with super-luxe finishing.
  • All units in the village are designed in Asian style.

Kai Ain Sokhna prices

Misr Italia is unique in its moderate prices, which are within reach of most customers. In addition, it does its best to provide prices in this way so that all its customers can obtain the units they dream of, so that it allows them to spend enjoyable and happy times with family and friends and create unforgettable memories. Unit prices in the village are as follows:



Chalet prices start from1.230.000 fairy


Villa prices start from8.789.000 fairy


Payment system and payment methods inWhere to drink Egypt Italy

The real estate company Misr Italia has provided many facilities in the payment system and flexible payment plans that suit all classes, in addition to the fact that the units are delivered after a year and a half from the contract date, which prompted customers to buy different units in Kay Village, and the payment system in the village is as follows: :

  • to push10% Advance of the total unit price, then pay5% After 5 months and the remaining amount is paid in installments6 Years.

Owner companyFor Kai's project

Misr Italia was established in 1998, but Misr Italia became famous recently after it supervised and implemented many projects and was able to make itself a distinctive brand and create trust between it and the client. It was famous for its extensive experience and good reputation, and the company makes every effort to adhere to the standards. Global construction and design using the best and finest materials, and the company always seeks to provide everything the customer needs in one place.

Previous work of the real estate developer of the Kai Sokhna project

Misr Italia has implemented many projects, and was keen to choose the best vital locations for its projects, making it easy for customers to access them from anywhere. The company’s previous work is as follows:

  • Musa Coast village in Ras Sidr.
  • Vinci Street Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Sila Compound New Cairo.
  • Italian District Compound in 6th of October City.
  • Lanova Vista Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • The Bosco City project is Mostaqbal City.
  • Bosco Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Solaret North Coast.
  • Cairo Business Park, New Cairo.
  • Vinci Compound New Cairo.


progressKai Village, Ain Sokhna A variety of different basic and entertainment services that any customer needs. The village is distinguished as one of the finest and most famous villages in the Ain Sokhna region. This is due to the fact that it was designed with a mixture of simplicity, innovation and experience, and it also provides units of various sizes to suit all tastes.

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