Compound Elora New Zayed with a down payment of 5%

Arabia Real Estate Development Company designedNew Elora Zayed Compound As a huge investment project that combines residential units and various investment activities within New Zayed, it aims to enable residents to live a unique life that gives them a feeling of luxury, happiness and comfort, in addition to that it contains all the basic and entertainment services that achieve for all the residents of the compound what they dream of.

Elora New Zayed

If you are a lover of sophistication and luxury and are looking forward to living a life that suits you, choose this Elora New ZayedIt was designed specifically for you, as it is unique in its rare green nature that is not found anywhere else and which gives its units charming and wonderful views.

An overview of the new Elora Zayed Compound

PrepareElora New Zayed, the best projects in Sheikh Zayed To live a luxurious life Full of privacy and sophistication, which distinguishes it from any other project, attention has been paid to the interior and exterior design and layout of the compound to be an honorable facade that suits various tastes. 

Location of the new Elora Zayed Compound

Located  New Elora Zayed Compound In the heart of New Zayed, located directly on Dabaa Road and the Central Ring RoadWhich makes it a connecting point between the important areas in Cairo. Arabia Real Estate Development Company has taken care to select the best geographical locations that are close to all the vital areas and axes of the compound so that it is easy for customers to move to and from it with ease, and the compound is close to the following areas:

  • The compound is located minutes from Media Production City.
  • The compound is close to Solana New Zayed Compound and Rivers Zayed Compound.
  • Elora Compound is located near Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, and Hyper One.
  • The compound is located a very short distance from the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The compound is located at the intersection of Dabaa Axis and the Central Ring Road.

The new Elora Zayed Compound space

Arabia Real Estate Development Company established New Sheikh Zayed City apartments Over a large area, it includes many places, parks, and facilities that meet the needs and desires of residents, without ignoring the green spaces that always guarantee psychological comfort and calm of nerves. The division of the project area included the following:

  • Total area: It has an area of EloraToward 227 acre.
  • Building area: The company has divided the total area and allocated approx20% Including residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscape: It has been allocated80% Of the total area of ​​the compound, it will be allocated to the green areas and picturesque nature, distributed in a harmonious manner to cover all parts of the compound.

Features of the new Elora Zayed Compound

Arabia Real Estate Development Company sought to implementElora New Zayed  over a large area; To include a large and diverse package of required services and public facilities, which meet the needs of residents within the compound, in addition to the presence of more than one place and entertainment means to delight guests with the highest possible quality. Among the most important features of the project are the following:

  • The strategic location is one of the most important advantages unique to the compound, as its proximity to the most important roads and axes gives the compound’s residents the advantage of quick access to any place.
  • Paying attention to the water bodies and artificial lakes within the compound, as they occupy a large area.
  • Arabia Real Estate Company was keen to distribute the facilities, services and buildings within the compound in a balanced geometric manner.
  • The landscape designs are charming and in harmony with the beauty of nature.
  • All units within the compound have a charming panoramic view of a wide green area.
  • The compound's infrastructure has been implemented with the highest quality so that services are long-term for all the compound's residents.
  • The units are designed inside in a charming European style.
  • There are surveillance cameras throughout the compound to protect the compound's residents and maintain their safety.
  • There are security teams inside the compound for 24-hour guarding.
  • There is a medical center equipped at the highest level within the compound, and ambulances spread throughout the compound.
  • Arabia Company has provided electronic gates at the entrances and exits of The Square, Fifth Settlement, to provide more security and safety for the residents of the compound.
  • The developing company was keen to provide a commercial mall that includes all international brands to suit different tastes.

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Elora New Zayed

Details of units in Elora New Zayed

IncludesElora CompoundA large number of diverse residential units, characterized by classic and modern facades, designed in the latest style of stones and panoramic facades. These units were implemented in four stages, and are characterized by a wonderful and delightful view overlooking the green spaces and turquoise lakes.

Types of units in the new Elora Zayed Compound

IncludesElora New Zayed Various residential units inspired by the beauty of nature, with stunning modern designs and decorations that suit all tastes, in addition to the units overlooking wide green spaces and wonderful artificial lakes, which reflects the residents’ sense of calm and tranquility. The units within the compound are as follows::

  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Elon stand

Unit space in Elora New Zayed

PrepareNew Elora Zayed Compoundfrom It is the place that most provides a sense of comfort and stability, as life inside is quiet due to the charming nature and wide green spaces surrounding the units, in addition to the developer company’s keenness to offer units of varying sizes and competitive prices in relation to the services in the compound. The area of ​​the units in the project is as follows:

  • The townhouse area starts from 210 and reaches 215 square meters.
  • The twin house area starts from 260 and reaches 265 square meters. The.
  • Stand space starts from 280 and reaches 290 square meters.

Design of units in the new Elora Zayed Compound

Unique Elora New Zayed  It has many advantages that make it resemble a small oasis in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City, which made it the first choice for many families to enjoy comfortable and suitable housing. The design of the units is as follows:


  • All units in the compound enjoy a charming view of vast green spaces.
  • The company developing the project was keen to provide wide windows and high ceilings inside the units to allow appropriate lighting and maintain ventilation that keeps the temperature moderate.
  • The aesthetics of the compound's architectural design appeared in the elegance of the wide glass facades, the woods that adorn the exterior, and the open spaces that are considered one of the most important features of modern architecture.

Elora New Zayed

Prices of the new Elora Zayed Compound

The quality and splendor of the design of the new Elora Zayed has increased the demand for booking residential units in it, in addition to the varying prices that suit all classes in exchange for distinguished services and various spaces, designs, and finishes. The prices of the units in the compound are as follows:



The price of the townhouse is:16.000.000 fairy

Twin house

The price of a twin house is:23.000.000 fairy

Elon stand

Villa prices start from27.000.000 fairy


Payment systems and payment methods in Elora New Zayed

Company made available Arabia Real Estate Development A flexible and easy payment system that allows its customers to own the unit they want in the new Elora Zayed in convenient installments without interest. This system is represented in the following:

  • Customer can pay5% From the unit price as a down payment, then pay 5% after 3 months, then pay the remaining amount in installments8 Years.

The company that owns the new Elora Zayed Compound

has been founded Arabia Real Estate Development Company In 1992, it was able to leave a distinctive mark on the minds of customers through the distinctive projects that it launched in different regions and contained many services, varying prices, and flexible payment systems that facilitated payment methods for customers.

The company is always keen to gain customer satisfaction, provide them with the best residential experience, and build long-term relationships through its commitment to delivering projects on time, as well as using the best materials in construction.

The most important works of Arabia Real Estate Development Company

Manaj Real Estate Development Company was able to launch many major successful projects, including the following:

  • Galleria 2 project, Fifth Settlement.
  • Bungalows Village North Coast.
  • Galleria Moon Valley 1.
  • Tycoon New Cairo project.
  • Sun Capital 6 October project.
  • Tycoon Compound, Fifth Settlement.


New Ellora Zayed Compound is one of the important residential projects in New Sheikh Zayed City, as the compound includes various residential units, through which the customer can obtain a unit with a charming view of wide green spaces.


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