Elaf Residence Compound

Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company has introduced a new concept of modern life through its latest residential projects, Elaf Residence Compound, and Fifth Settlement, It has various units that suit the desires of customers, in addition to the availability of all basic and entertainment services.

If you want to enjoy a lively and luxurious life mixed with luxury and privacy and have a stable life away from pollution and noise, chooseEelaf Residence's new cairo، It was designed especially for you.

Information about Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement It provides its clients with a distinguished investment in one of the best residential complexes in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, which is one of the richest areas at the investment level, with all the high-end commercial and investment complexes it contains.

Investing in the Fifth Settlement is a strong factor for those who plan to obtain units that suit their desires and needs in terms of space, price, and dazzling designs, in addition to the availability of all of this in an upscale area with integrated basic and entertainment services itself residence new Cairo.


Location of Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company was keen to build Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth SettlementIn a lively and distinguished location in the Fifth Settlement, in addition to its proximity to important areas and main axes, which makes transportation to and from it easy and convenient. These areas are represented in the following:

  • Rehab City: The compound is located 3 minutes from Al Rehab City.
  • Cairo Airport: The compound is located 10 minutes from Cairo Airport.
  • American University: Elaf Residence Compound is located 10 minutes from the American University.
  •  New Heliopolis: The compound is located 15 minutes from New Heliopolis.
  • Cairo Festival: The compound is located near the Cairo Festival.
  • Several malls: The compound is located next to Zed Mall and The Lark Mall.
  • Ring Road and Shorouk City: The compound features a view of the Ring Road and Shorouk City.
  • Administrative Capital: The compound is located 15 minutes from the Administrative Capital.

Area of ​​Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement   

has been created Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement On a large and large area, Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company was keen to exploit it in the most optimal ways, as part of this area was allocated to residential units, and the other part was used to provide various service facilities and landscaping surrounding the buildings. The area of ​​the compound is represented in the following:

  • The total area: The total area of Alaf Residence is around 28 acres.
  •  Building area: The owning company allocated a percentage30% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscape: The area allocated to gardens and green spaces is estimated at 70% of the total area of ​​the compound, which allows the provision of many entertainment services.

Features of the Elaf Residence Fifth Settlement project 

Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide a diverse package of services that meet the needs of customers, in addition to a group of features so that the compound ultimately becomes a huge residential investment complex that is not missing anything. The features of the compound are as follows:


  •  Electric lifts: Electric elevators were provided within the compound to make it easier for its residents to move between all floors more freely, in addition to paying attention to regular maintenance of the elevators.
  • Vast green spaces: Available at Elaf Residence Wide green spaces so that customers can rest or walk in them, which helps them regain their activity.
  • Fast internet development company was keen to provide fast internet within the compound so that its residents could complete their work easily and smoothly.
  • Security system Inside the compound, there is a 24-hour security system with an integrated guard crew, surveillance cameras carefully distributed throughout the compound to monitor everything, and electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the compound.
  • Food courtThe company that owns the compound was keen to provide an area that includes a group of cafes and restaurants in which the most delicious dishes are served with high-quality services to all customers.
  • Extinguishing fires: The company developing the compound took care to provide an advanced fire suppression system, in order to maintain the security and safety of customers, and so that there is no loss of life.
  • Maintenance services within Elaf Residence Compound, there are 24-hour maintenance services to ensure that there are no malfunctions that hinder movement and to overcome them at the same time.
  • GaragesThe company that owns the compound was keen to have spacious garages that can accommodate a large number of cars so that there is no congestion in front of the building. Eelaf residence in New Cairo.
  • Bank branches: Within the compound, there is more than one branch of different banks and a number of ATMs operating around the clock.

 swimming pool: The project provides swimming pools of different shapes and sizes suitable for both children and adults, in addition to having special swimming pools for women to provide them with more privacy.

  • Kids Aria: Inside the compound, there is a special area for children’s games and it is surrounded by gardens and parks to enjoy their time and happiness, develop their creative skills, and maintain their safety at the same time.

ايلاف ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

Details of the units in Eelaf residence new camera

Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company was interested in establishing...Eelaf residence new cairo There are many features and services, such as its distinctive landscape and wide green spaces, which give the compound a sophisticated and civilized character, allowing the compound’s residents to live in a pleasant atmosphere.


Types of units in Eelaf Residence New Cairo

Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide different types of units with various sizes, in order to ensure that it satisfies the tastes of all its customers, in addition to ensuring that the unit prices are suitable for different categories. The units in the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement.
  • Duplex.

Unit area in Eelaf residence new cairo

Prepare CompoundElaf from AThe best New Cairo compounds Which provide a sense of comfort and stability, as life inside is calm due to the charming nature and wide green spaces surrounding the units, in addition to the developer company’s keenness to offer units of varying sizes and competitive prices in relation to the services in the compound. The area of ​​the units in the project is as follows:

  • Apartment spacesApartment areas start from 192 Square meters.
  • Duplex spacesDuplex spaces in the compound start from 393 Square meters.

Modular design inElaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

UniqueEelaf Residence New Cairo It has many advantages that make it resemble a small oasis in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, which made it the first choice for many families to enjoy comfortable and suitable housing. The design of the units is as follows:

  • All units in the compounds have a view of vast green spaces and artificial lakes.
  • The buildings in Elaf Residence consist of a ground floor topped by five floors.
  • All units are made in European style for all those looking for apartments for sale in Elaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Elaf Residence project prices in Fifth Settlement

The quality and splendor of design in Elaf Residence has increased the demand for residential units in it, in addition to that apartment prices in New Cairo vary and are suitable for all classes in exchange for distinguished services and various spaces, designs, and finishes. The prices of the units in the compound are as follows:



start Fifth Settlement apartment prices from6.100.000 fairy


Duplex prices start from 18.100.000 fairy.


Payment system and payment methods in Eelaf residence new cairo

The achievements of Emaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company did not stop at offering unique, unconventional units, but it also sought to provide an easy and flexible payment system for most categories, so that all its customers can purchase the unit they desire. The payment system is as follows:

  • to push10% Down payment from the total unit price, and I pay the remaining amount Years

The owner company Eelaf Residence new Cairo

PrepareEmaar Rizq Real Estate Development Company One of the leading companies in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market, it was established in 2005. The company is distinguished by many advantages in its projects, such as dazzling designs, luxurious finishes, integrated services, and regular maintenance of the units.

Previous work of the real estate developer of the Elaf Residence project, Fifth Settlement

A company established Emaar Rizq Real Estate DevelopmentImplementing a variety of projects, as it has established several projects in different parts of the world, and the company’s previous work is represented by the following, the most important of which are:

  • City Life 2 project in Damietta.
  • City Life Compound in Ras El Bar.
  • A number of projects in Damietta and Mansoura.
  • Diamond Tower 2 project, New Administrative Capital.
  • Diamond Tower Mall, Administrative Capital.
  • Wright New Administrative Capital project.

PrepareElaf Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement A compound enveloped in luxury and beauty, offered by Emaar Rizq to lovers of sophistication and luxury, with a variety of unit sizes and prices to suit all categories. In it, you can enjoy all the entertainment services and have a quiet, clean life away from noise and pollution.

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